Potato seller

Westhoeve Potatoes has been a potato seller for more than 40 years. The potatoes are exported from the strategically located Ouddorp to various countries in the world. 

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Our potato varieties

A good potato seller supplies various varieties on request. You can contact us for Maris Piper, Agria, Russet, Challenger, potatoes for fries and many other varieties. You can also choose between potatoes with a yellow or red skin. Finally, we also supply onions, for more information please visit our onion page.

potato seller

Your reliable potato seller

Product quality has always been the biggest priority for us as potato sellers. We continuously invest in the latest developments to increase the pace and power of our potato production. We collaborate with reliable suppliers who supply our products all over the world. We mainly supply our potatoes to England, Asia, Spain, Germany and America. Our potato sellers are located near major seaports, such as Antwerp, Vlissingen and Rotterdam, so we can guarantee a swift delivery. 

Our product is HACCP and GMP+ approved and our harvest is not seasonal. Fertile soil, honest partnerships with partners and the passion for potatoes is how we as a potato seller can always guarantee good quality.

You can indicate which delivery method you want. You can choose between small packaging starting at 10kg, poly bags, jute bags, bulk and big bags. The potatoes are delivered to you by boat or truck, depending on your location.

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Cooperation with potato sellers

Westhoeve Potatoes is always open to a close collaboration with another potato seller in the region. Are you interested in buying potatoes from us? Then feel free to contact us without any obligations! You can reach us on weekdays from 7:00-17:00 on +31 (0) 187 68 31 37 or visit us at our office in Ouddorp.