Challenger potatoes

As a potato supplier we supply various potato varieties all over the world including the Challenger potato. The Challenger potato is an early main crop variety. This potato variety is mainly used for french fries and for table potatoes. It’s a popular variety because it has a great taste en storability. Besides the Challenger potato we also supply varieties like the Maris Piper, Agria and Fontane potato.

Challenger potatoes

Challenger potatoes for the best price and quality

Every day a large quantity of our Challenger potatoes are transported all over the world. This would not be possible without a large network of Dutch suppliers and farmers. If the yield in the Netherlands doesn’t meet our quality standards we have different partners in neighboring countries. In this way we can always deliver the quantity of Challenger potatoes you desire. This isn’t the only thing we do to guarantee great quality potatoes. We are also GMP+ and HACCP certified. These are internationally recognized quality standards for the potatoes in our assortment.

The prices of our Challenger potatoes depend on a lot of factors like market prices, order amount, packaging, port of destination and more. If you are interested in the prices of our potatoes you can ask for a free price quotation.

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Westhoeve Potatoes supplies different types of high quality potatoes to its customers all over the world since 1978. Do you have any questions about our Challenger potatoes or our services? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you.

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