In 1978, Wim Westhoeve, at the age of 32, started to buy Dutch potatoes from local farmers. These potatoes were stored outside under special foil for immediate resale to wholesalers. These wholesalers in turn supplied green grocers and supermarkets.

Later that year the family Breen offered to use their premises ‘Zeezicht’ at the Oostdijk in Goedereede.

Wim Westhoeve could use their machines and that’s when they started to pack wholesale potatoes at customers’ request. This concept appeared to be very successful and a couple of years later Westhoeve Potatoes moved to the current location at the Hofdijksweg in Ouddorp.

Times have changed since Mr. Westhoeve has passed the business onto his two sons. We no longer sell to wholesalers with the majority of our potatoes being for export.

Recently we invested in the most modern computerized packing machines which increased our capacity and flexibility. We are now able to pack our quality potatoes in almost every pack size.

We have a highly motivated team of which we value each and every member. Without them, we could not have achieved so much. Each and every day they make sure that our products are packed and ready to ship on time!

GMP+ stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. It is a fully-fledged certification scheme by integrating ISO quality management requirements, HACCP and other elements.The GMP+ scheme does not only define conditions relating to production facilities of food products, but also for storage, transport, staff, procedures, documentations etc. A quality mark of GMP+ tells you, the entrepreneur, that participating companies from the international food chain guarantee reliability, quality, sustainability and safety. That means that they meet all local and international statutory standards of the food industry.

Westhoeve Potatoes is both HACCP and GMP certified. These are internationally recognized quality standards for the potatoes in our portfolio. We also comply with theNAO standard

Food Safety:HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a system that helps food business operators look at how they handle food and introduces procedures to make sure the food produced is safe for consumption.