For more than 30 years Westhoeve Potatoes supply fresh potatoes worldwide. By working closely with a large number of local farmers, we are always assured of high quality and fresh ware potatoes. As we are also running a farming business where we grow and store our own potatoes we are able to respond to the market’s needs and demands more efficiently. If we anticipate a disappointing yield we can already start negotiations to buy potatoes from neighbouring countries to eradicate any shortfalls. Westhoeve Potatoes has a collaboration with farmers in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom and Germany.

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Industry and export

We deliver our quality potatoes world-wide; not only in Europe, but also in South-America, Africa and even in the Middle East we are well represented. We are conveniently located within a short distance to the ports of Flushing, Antwerp and one of the world’s largest shipping ports, Rotterdam. This logistical advantage and our long established relationships with leading shipping lines means we can offer excellent lead times for our wholesale potatoes.

potato export

Potato types

Throughout the year Westhoeve Potatoes can deliver a wide range of potatoes varieties and sizes, both yellow and red skin. Different potatoes are grown at different times of the year:

  • Earlies are planted from February to March and available from late May to July, these varieties are not suitable for the potato export;
  • Second earlies are planted in March and April and harvested from July to October;
  • Maincrop potatoes are planted from March to May and available from September to June 


We can offer our quality potatoes in almost every pack size, both bulk, big bags and small jute or poly bags from 10 to 25 kg.