Russet potatoes

As a supplier of different potato varieties, we also deliver Russet potatoes. This variety originally comes from America, but it’s really popular through the rest of the world. Russet potatoes are mainly used for baking, mashing and frying. We at Westhoeve Potatoes have been a potato supplier that also exports and imports Russet potatoes for years now. Are you interested in our potatoes? Then feel free to request a quote for our Russet Potatoes.

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How is the quality of our Russet potatoes?

The quality of our Russet potatoes are really important to us. For example, we have optimized our production chain, to guarantee quick delivery times. We at Westhoeve Potatoes are also GMP+ and HACCP certified to guarantee global food safety throughout the production chain.

In addition to our Russet potatoes we supply various other high-quality potato varieties. Think of the Maris Piper, the Agria potato and different other white and red-skinned potatoes. We work with different partners who only supply potatoes of the best quality. In this way we can always supply the quantity of potatoes you want.

Russet Potatoes

About Westhoeve Potatoes

We supply our Russet potatoes allover the world. South America and the Middle East are among our markets. Our potatoes are available in different packaging. Bulk, big bags and small packages of 25kg are possible. Do you have questions about our products or services? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

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Westhoeve Potatoes; Not only Russet potatoes

As a potato wholesaler with more than 30 years of experience in supplying various potato varieties all over the world, we can say that we are potato specialists. However, we do not only supply Russet potatoes, but also offer many other potato varieties. These potato varieties all have in common that they meet the highest quality standards! We supply other: Maris Piper potatoes, Agria potatoes, Challenger potatoes, Innovator potatoes, Bintje potatoes, Santé potatoes, Fontane potatoesFrieslander potatoes and  Asterix potatoes.