Quality potatoes

With more than 30 years' experience, Westhoeve Potatoes is a leading supplier of quality potatoes. Westhoeve Potatoes is located in Ouddorp, the Netherlands in the middle of the fertile Delta Clay area, famous because of the high quality potatoes it produces. We are exporting quality potatoes throughout Europe, South-America, Africa and parts of the Middle East. Because of our solid relationship with our suppliers, we can guarantee you the highest quality.

Quality potatoes

A reliable partner

We are driven by the needs of our customers. If you require high quality potatoes, you will receive high quality potatoes. We can deliver in almost every pack size, in jute bags, poly bags and bulk. Westhoeve Potatoes is dedicated to their customer needs and strives to establish a long-term relationship. Westhoeve Potatoes is committed to:

  • Long term relationships, with a focus on the customer needs;
  • Supplying quality potatoes, because of an extensive network of farmers;
  • Exporting quality potatoes worldwide;
  • Taking care of the whole process from sorting, washing en packing.

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In case you require more information on our quality potatoes please do not hesitate to contact us.