Worldwide potato export

When looking for the best exporter in potatoes, you may find it difficult to find the best supplier. Westhoeve Potatoes is recognized as one of the best suppliers in daily fresh potatoes in Europe, South-America, Africa and even the Middle East . 

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Potato export

Potato export made possible by wide connections

Every day, a large quantity of our best potatoes are transported all over the world. It would not be possible without a large network of our Dutch suppliers and farmers. Potatoes are a special craft in the Netherlands. We've been farming them since the country didn't even existed. We work closely together with local farmers for the best potatoes in the world. Sounds ambitious but it is true! 

Through our connections, we are also able to deliver almost every potato type you desire. For example we export Maris piper, Agria and Challenger potatoes. Are you looking for a specific potato type? Then you fill out our contact form, we are happy to help you find the potato type you need.

Export Potatoes from the Netherlands

The Dutch culture is known for consuming potatoes. Because many Dutch farmers have been focusing on improving the quality of the harvest in recent years, the Netherlands has now become one of the most popular countries for exporting potatoes. Continuous research has also helped our country to grow potatoes as efficiently as possible by keeping a great quality.

The Netherlands leads the way in exporting potatoes

The export of potatoes to Europe is increasing. We see the same trend when we look at the potato export all around the world. Thanks to the experience and good reputation of the potato wholesalers in the Netherlands, more and more companies outside Europe are starting to import potatoes from the Netherlands.

Potato export

Low production costs

The collaboration with our partners is key to fast communication, lower costs and better potatoes. If the quality of the potatoes does not meet the requirements that we set, we reach out to farmers in our neighbouring countries. By working together with several growers, we are always assured of fresh potatoes for export. The quality will still be similar. You wouldn't notice.  

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