Potatoes for fries

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Which potato varieties are suitable for fries?

There are different types of potatoes that are suitable for making the tastiest fries. A potato for fries are big and consists of a large amount of starch. This makes the fries golden brown and crispy. In the section below you will find different examples of potatoes that are great for making the best fries.

1. Bintje potatoes

The Bintje potato is one of the most popular varieties of the Netherlands to make fries with. The potatoes are big and consist of enough starch to make the fries crispy and tasteful.

Potatoes for fries

2. Agria potatoes

The Agria is a specially designed potato variety for French fries. The potato is long and it has an oval shape, which makes for excellent fries. Once fried, the fries take on a beautiful golden color.

3. Maris Piper

The Maris Piper is a diverse and popular potato variety. This variety is one of the most widely grown varieties of the UK and that's for good reason. After all, the potato is suitable for many uses, including baking, mashing and, of course, delicious fries.

4. Innovator potato

The innovator is a valued potato for making fries. This potato variety is popular with fast food restaurants all over the world. This is because you can make long, beautiful fries with the Innovator. Moreover, this variety has a stable taste and quality.

The quality of our potatoes for fries

The quality of our potatoes for fries is our first priority. We take various steps to ensure that the quality of our potatoes remains as high as possible. We work closely together with other farmers in the region who meet our quality standards. If the harvest in the Netherlands is not good enough, we have a broad network in neighbouring countries that can supply potatoes. Moreover, we invest a lot in new machines to increase the capacity and flexibility of our products.

Potatoes for fries

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