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A good potato supplier is a supplier that always delivers the same high quality potatoes. A good supplier also has a lot of farming knowledge. This way a supplier knows where the best potatoes come from and where they can be obtained. Are you looking for such a potato supplier? Then Westhoeve Potatoes is an excellent choice. 

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Supplier of quality potatoes

We think it is important that our potatoes meet the highest quality standards. For this reason, we are also HACCP certified. With our farming knowledge, we know how to deliver good quality potatoes. We also grow potatoes within a wide network of local growers. It may happen that the local potato harvest does not meet our standards. Then there is the possibility that we will move to growers in neighboring countries. In this way, we at Westhoeve Potatoes are always able to supply fresh potatoes.

Located Strategically

The Netherlands is a real potato country. This is mainly due to the very favorable climate for growing potatoes. The sea climate and the fertile soil ensure high quality potatoes that are full of nutrients. In addition, Westhoeve Potatoes is located in Ouddorp which is close to the ports of Rotterdam, Vlissingen and Antwerp. This allows us a quick delivery of your fresh potatoes. This logistically favorable location also leads to a positive effect on our cost price.

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Westhoeve Potatoes a market leader in the Netherlands. A main fact, given the knowledge of high quality potatoes and productions. Also our extensive network in both the Netherlands and the rest of the world ensure that we are always able to deliver the same quality potatoes during every season. 

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As a potato supplier, we supply a lot of different potato types. Through our wide network, we can deliver almost every type of yellow and red potato. For example the Maris Piper, Agria, challenger and innovator potato type. 

Would you like to know more about our potatoes? Or would you like more information about our services as a potato supplier? Please contact us. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities.