Potato grower

A Dutch potato grower is mostly known for his quality potatoes. After all, it all starts with the farmer and the land. Westhoeve Potatoes collaborates with other potato growers in the Netherlands and abroad to always guarantee high-quality delivery. We invest a lot in new machines to increase the flexibility and capacity of our beautiful potatoes.

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Types of potatoes

We can deliver different potato varieties throughout the year. You can contact us for Agria potatoes, French fries potatoes, Maris Piper potatoes, Innovator potatoes, red skinned potatoes or Frieslander potatoes. This is just a small selection from the different varieties, so for other varieties you can always contact us without obligation. In order to be able to guarantee quality, our potato growers are HACCP and GMP+ certified. Our potatoes are used for cooking, baking, frying, mashing and roasting.

potato grower

Besides potatoes, Westhoeve Potatoes also grows onions. Throughout the year, we deliver high quality onions to customers all over the world. 

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Want to become a potato grower?

The cultivation of potatoes is a very expensive process. Potatoes are sensitive to various weather conditions, such as heat and frost. We are looking for motivated potato growers. If you can supply high quality potatoes, please contact us or visit us at our location in Ouddorp. 

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Delivery methods of our potato growers

Our potato growers can deliver various quantities starting at 10 kilos in the following packaging: bulk, big bags, small packaging, jute and poly bags. If the desired packaging type is not listed, you can always contact us without obligation to see what is possible.

potato grower tractor

Our potato growers deliver worldwide, for example to Europe, Asia, Africa or America. From our strategic location in Ouddorp, we can easily and quickly deliver your potatoes by boat or truck.