Fontane potatoes from Westhoeve Potatoes

Fontane potatoes are one of the most popular potato varieties on the market. As a potato supplier out of Holland we also deliver these potatoes in bulk, big bags and small packages of 25 kg. These potatoes cook well. That’s why the Fontane potato is suitable for many products. The Fontane is a medium-late variety and therefore it requires less growing time. Are you interested in our Fontane potatoes? Then feel free to request a quote for our Potatoes.

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The quality of our Fontane Potatoes

The quality of our Fontane potatoes are really important to us. For example, we have optimized our production chain, to guarantee quick delivery times. We at Westhoeve Potatoes are also GMP+ and HACCP certified to guarantee global food safety throughout the production chain.

In addition, we have invested in modern computerized packing machines which increase our capacity and flexibility. In this manner we are always capable of delivering the quantity of potatoes you desire.

Fontane Potatoes

Where do we deliver our Fontane potatoes and what are our prices?

We deliver our Fontane potatoes all over the world. We are conveniently located within a short distance to the ports of Antwerp and one of the world’s largest shipping ports, Rotterdam. This logistical advantage and our long-established relationships with leading shipping lines means we can offer excellent lead times for our wholesale potatoes.´╗┐

The price of our Fontane potatoes depends on a lot of factors, like market prices, order amount, packaging, packsize, port of destination etc. Feel free to contact us for a price quotation, we are happy to help you.

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Fontane Potatoes

About Westhoeve Potatoes

We have been delivering the best quality potatoes worldwide for over 30 years now. By working closely with numerous local farmers, we are always assured of high quality and fresh ware potatoes. Do you have questions about our products or services? Please feel free to contact us. 

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