Quality onions

Westhoeve Potatoes has a passion for quality. This passion is mainly reflected in the quality onions that we deliver. Various factors contribute to the production of these quality onions. For example, the onions are grown on very fertile soil and the geographical location of Westhoeve Potatoes is ideal.

quality onions

Top quality

At Westhoeve Potatoes you are at the right place to buy the best onions at the best price. The Netherlands is a very favorable country in the field of onion cultivation. Why? The Dutch climate is ideal for the onion. In addition, the mineral-rich clay in the seabed provides a top quality product with optimum taste. This combined ensures that the Netherlands is a global player in the field of agricultural production.

Favorable environmental factors

The supply of quality onions can remain consistent throughout the year at Westhoeve Potatoes. This is because strategic thought has been given to logistics processing and storage methods. In addition, large European seaports such as: Vlissingen, Rotterdam and Antwerp are nearby, so that the quality onions from Westhoeve Potatoes reach their final destination as efficiently as possible.

Quality onions

Sorted onions

Westhoeve Potatoes supplies sorted onions that are ready for consumption. Onions are supplied in several sizes. In addition, our onions are supplied in bulk, big bags and small packages of 10 to 25 kg. We make a suitable offer based on customer requirements.

If you have any questions about our quality onions, you can always contact us via our contact form. Would you prefer an immediate answer? Then contact us by telephone: +31 (0) 187 68 31 37.