Potato trader in the Netherlands

Potatoes are a fundamental concept in a country like The Netherlands. There's no better match. If you are looking for the best supply in potatoes, you will probably notice our great quality. This means we put a lot of effort in keeping our potatoes of a consistent quality.

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Potato trader in the Netherlands

Dutch craftmanship

We have several reasons for our passion for the potato itself. One reason is the foundation of our soil. Holland has a very favorable climate for growing potatoes. We can really ensure some high quality harvest. So that's what we did. Westhoeve Potatoes is already exporting potatoes out of Holland for more than 30 years now. Isn't that a jubilee!?

Daily fresh potato export from Ouddorp - Holland

Ouddorp is the hometown of Westhoeve Potatoes. You can find it near the North Sea, in the province of "South-Holland". Westhoeve Potatoes is settled near the large ports of Rotterdam, Flushing and Antwerp. It's a valuable location which helps us to provide really fast shipping. Really. It's a complementary to our logistic strategy. We can provide our fresh potatoes on a very fast and reliable manner! 


Dutch potatoes in all sizes

The Dutch selected potatoes are one-of-a-kind. We develop and research to guarantee the best growth. Only then the consumers can be offered a wide spectrum of choices. Throughout the year Westhoeve Potatoes delivers this wide range of potatoes species and varieties from the Netherlands. White and red skinned potatoes can be seen as most popular varieties. We also see their size as an important factor. Least but not last we look at how the potatoes are delivered: free of soil of course, and also even brushed or washed on forehand. It's up to you! 

Westhoeve Potatoes is still a household name across the world

The farming knowledge started early. We've been transporting our goods all around the world for more than 30 years. The success of exporting and shipping our Dutch potatoes can be divided in two factors: 

1. Expertise

We have the soil, we have the knowledge, we have the climate, and we have the will to grow! That is what we are talking about. Growth in its widest sense. 

2. Great quality Dutch Potatoes

We're a winning team - that means: You and Westhoeve Potatoes. For a lot of reasons we do believe in collaboration. The team is Westhoeve Potatoes, the harvesters, the suppliers and the consumer, and we all need to combine our efforts in order to succeed like we do for the past 30 years. That's a big factor for the quality of our potatoes. 

Potato trader in the Netherlands

We're looking forward to the possibility of working together

If you require more information about our Dutch potatoes, feel free to contact us. We can offer our quality potatoes in almost every pack size, both bulk, big bags and small jute of poly bags from 10 to 25 kg. 

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