Potato seller: We export high quality potatoes

Westhoeve Potatoes is a potato wholesaler specializing in the sale of potatoes. Next to the potatoes we also sell high quality onions. At Westhoeve Potatoes all potatoes are bought directly from the local farmers. 

From purchasing to sales

We keep the production chain is short. That way we can guarantee that we only sell fresh potatoes and onions. Westhoeve Potatoes has direct contact with farmers in the area. Once the products are shipped out of the country, the potatoes are sorted, packaged and delivered directly to the customer. The wishes and demands of our customers are very important to us.

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Potatoe farmer

From sales to logistics

Maybe this will sound unusual, but Westhoeve Potatoes has grown by staying small. Where previously the potatoes were sold to small wholesalers at home and abroad, the potatoes are now being exported directly in large quantities. The central location of Westhoeve Potatoes has the advantage of it’s good position. We are very well connected to the the ports in Rotterdam, Vlissingen and Antwerp. From these logistical advantages we now serve customers all over the world. We always offer a suitable solution for everyone.

Potatoe harvesting


The sale of potatoes is part of the daily activities at Westhoeve Potatoes. For advice on the sale and logistics of our potatoes, please feel free to contact us. Our employees are happy to help you.