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From the land to the customer: a potato travels a lot of kilometers. The potato harvest plays an important role in this. The success of the harvest for example depends on the weather conditions. And because the weather conditions vary a lot, there is a lot of variation in the quality of the potato harvest. But we have a solution for Westhoeve Potatoes. We have such a broad network of potato suppliers that a good harvest is always guaranteed.

Information about the most recent potato harvest

At Westhoeve Potatoes we are busy with potatoes day in and day out. We grow potatoes ourselves, but also maintain local and worldwide contacts with other farmers. Because we mainly focus on potatoes, you are sure that you are at the right place when you are looking for potatoes. We are happy to inform you about the potato harvest and the quality of our potatoes.

Potato harvest

The added value of Westhoeve Potatoes

Westhoeve Potatoes combines the best that our country has to offer: trade drive and agricultural knowledge. This provides us with a global network of potato suppliers that only deliver the best quality. Our business premises are located 45 minutes from both the port of Vlissingen and the port of Rotterdam. The port of Antwerp is also easily accessible to us. Thanks to our strategic location in the coastal area and our excellent connection to the main roads leading into Europe, our position is strategically very advantageous.

Potato trade

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