Potato types

The potato originated from South America. Spanish explorers brought the potato to Europe a couple of centuries ago. Today there are many types of potatoes and the potato is one of the popular foods in many European countries.

history of potato

In countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium, the potato even forms the basis for recipes. Globally, there are about 4.000 varieties of potatoes, varying from well-known varieties such as the Doré and the Eigenheimer to much lesser-known potato varieties such as the Folva and the Primura.

White and red skinned potato types

The names of the types of potatoes already indicate it: we look at the color of the potato’s skin. At that point we distinguish between potatoes with a white skin and potatoes with a red skin. Within these types of potatoes, a distinction can be made in many areas. For example, at Westhoeve Potatoes we see the size of the potatoes as an important factor. We also look at how the potatoes are delivered: free of soil or even brushed and / or washed.

fresh potatoes

What types of potatoes are you looking for?

As a potato wholesaler, we buy potatoes directly from farmers in the area. Because of our large network you are always sure of a great choice of potato types.
Besides the fact that we purchase various types of potatoes on the local market, we also have a wide network abroad. This allows us to import potatoes, if desired. And we also take care of the export of various types of potatoes around the world.

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