Wholesale Potatoe Supplier

Westhoeve Potatoes is a supplier of potatoes from The Netherlands. The potato farm is located in Ouddorp, one of the most fertile areas in Holland. Since 1978 we deliver high quality potatoes. We are crossing the border with our high quality products from the Dutch grounds.

Quality potatoes from The Netherlands

Yes! It’s our top priority to deliver high quality potatoes from our own local area. As a potato supplier and expert, we have the knowledge to supply the most beautiful product in collaboration with local farmers. The result consists of beautiful taste and a fresh and consistent quality. Something you’re allowed to expect from us!

Quality potatoes

A fertile soil, an honest cooperation and our passion for potatoes. Just some of the examples that allow us to produce only the best potatoes. We are HACCP and GMP+ certified. This guarantees a safe production and high hygiene standards. With help of our broad network and strategic approach of our production we are continuously able to export abroad. Which means we are not dependent on the season.

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Worldwide potato shipping

Westhoeve Potatoes is a reliable partner in shipping to places all over the world. With our business near Rotterdams harbour, we are very tactic located. Export by the sea is a fantastic solution for our logistics. This is reflected in our low prices and fast delivery times.

Quality potatoes

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Are you looking for a sustainable supplier in Potatoes from The Netherlands? In case you require more information on our quality potatoes please do not hesitate to contact us.