Potato exporter in the Netherlands

Are you looking for a reliable potato exporter in the Netherlands? Westhoeve Potatoes has a wide international network and supplies high quality potatoes and onions.

Trade knowledge and expertise

A good potato exporter will benefit from two skills: trade interest and expertise. Westhoeve Potatoes has both. This is due to our location in the Netherlands, the trading country of Europe. But also to the specific location where we are from: Ouddorp. A place known for a long history of farming knowledge and fertile fields.

Potato farming

Strategic position of Westhoeve Potatoes

Westhoeve Potatoes benefits from good strategic location for export. We are located on the coast of South Holland, in the middle of the ports of Rotterdam, Vlissingen and Antwerp. With excellent roads to the center of the Netherlands and the routes that lead to the rest of the countries in Europe. Our export products travel all over the world from the ports; from Africa to South America and beyond.


The best potato exporter in the Netherlands

Westhoeve Potatoes is one of the best potato exporters in the Netherlands. Not only our Dutch business mentality and our expertise play a role in this, but also our international network that extends to Asia, Africa and South America. If you are interested to work with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us!