Wholesale Onions Supplier

Looking for a reliable supplier in onions? Westhoeve Potatoes is located in Ouddorp, the Netherlands. The country may be small, but the opportunities are much bigger. We know our Dutch onions and we're committed to delivering the best quality, every single time. If the onion export is viewed worldwide, the Netherlands has a market share of 15%. Westhoeve Potatoes is a big player that contributes to exports of onions worldwide. 

Wholesale onions from the Netherlands

Westhoeve Potatoes is located on the fertile island Goeree-Overflakkee. Westhoeve Potatoes is an established name, known as wholesale in high-quality onions. The composition of the land, the progressive trade and years of experience will help to reach this quality every single year. 

Perfect location to export

Westhoeve Potatoes is located in Ouddorp. A convenient place given the location. Port cities like Rotterdam, Flushing and Antwerp are quickly accessible from our position. In this way we can assure a fast delivery. 


We mean, independent from seasons. Thanks to well-considered logistic processing and storage methods, Westhoeve Potatoes is not tied to a fixed season to export. This means that as a wholesaler in onions we always have a stock of high quality available! 

Onion delivery

Westhoeve Potatoes has onions that are equally consumable. You can also choose which delivery method you like. Bigbags? Bulk? We like to ship what you prefer. 

Dutch wholesale onion supplier

Contact us about our services, shipping and strategies. We would to help you and provide you with all possibilities. Do not hesitate to contact!