Do you want to buy onions in bulk?

Westhoeve Potatoes is an onion and potato wholesaler that delivers onions in large quantities. We work closely together with different local onion growers to assure that we can always deliver the best onions in bulk to our customers all around the world. The onions are intended for international trade and export. The main markets are Europe, Africa and the Middle east, but we also deliver to America.

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How do we keep the quality of our onions so high?

For the delivery of onions in large quantities, it is important that the onions are of excellent quality. Quality is therefore at the heart of our production chain at all times. It all starts with the onion harvest. If the harvest is disappointing, we switch to a broad network of local growers. If the harvest in the Netherlands is disappointing overall, we have several partners in neighboring countries. In this way we always make sure to deliver our onions in bulk of the highest quality possible.

This is not the only thing we do to guarantee a high quality onion. As onion supplier we are HACCP and GMP+ certified.

Onion in bulk

What kind of onions do we deliver in bulk?

We deliver many types of onions that are available on the market. We offer assorted onions which are ready for consumption. The onions can be delivered in multiple sizes. Both bulk, big bags and small packages of 10 to 25 kg belong to the options.

The price of our onions depends on a lot of factors like market prices, order amount, packaging, packsize, port of destination, shipping conditions etc. Would you like to know which types of onions we can deliver to you in bulk at which price? Then feel free to contact us.

About Westhoeve Potatoes

We have been delivering onions in bulk for over 30 years from a small village in the south of the Netherlands. Our farming and trading knowledge has ensured that we are able to supply onions of the best quality all over the world. This also applies to our potatoes.