Onion grower

The onion growers of Westhoeve Potatoes work extremely hard every day to be able to deliver the best quality onions to the customer. These onions come from our own cultivation, but are also purchased by us from local farms. As an onion grower, Westhoeve Potatoes is not tied to a fixed season for exporting onions. This is due to very well thought out logistical processing and storage methods.


Growing the highest quality onions

Westhoeve Potatoes is an established name as an onion grower. You can find the company on the very fertile island: Goeree-Overflakkee. The composition of the soil and the many years of experience make Westhoeve Potatoes a very high-quality onion grower. In addition, the company always meets the quality standards (HACCP and GMP + certificates) and makes use of different cultivation methods.

Worldwide onion export


As an onion grower, Westhoeve Potatoes has a large share in the worldwide onion export. Thanks to the company's favorable base, close to the port city of Rotterdam, it is possible to deliver the onions quickly and to keep prices low.


Looking for a reliable onion grower with a lot of experience and high-quality onions? Let's get in touch. This might be the start of a great collaboration.