Onion supplier

The favorable climate and the mineral-rich soil of the Netherlands ensure that we live in the perfect country to grow onions. The Netherlands has a market share of around 15% on worldwide onion exports. As a supplier of onions, Westhoeve Potatoes has a large share in this worldwide export. For example, onions are exported to the Middle East, Africa and of course Europe itself.


Supplier of onions

Westhoeve Potatoes is an established name in the field of supplying the highest quality onions. The company is therefore located on the very fertile island: Goeree-Overflakkee.
Years of experience and the composition of the soil make Westhoeve Potatoes a very reliable supplier of onions. In addition, the onion harvest of the company always meets the quality standards (HACCP and GMP + certificates).



Westhoeve Potatoes can always meet a fast delivery time due to the favorable location of the company in Ouddorp. Major port cities such as Rotterdam and Antwerp are less than an hour away.

Delivery of onions

As a supplier of onions Westhoeve Potatoes has the following delivery methods:

- Bigbags
- Bulk good
- Small packages of 10 to 25 kg

The onions can be directly consumed and you therefore have the choice of how the onions are delivered to you. In addition, Westhoeve Potatoes is not bound to a fixed season to export. As a supplier of onions we always have the possibility, irrespective of the season, to have a stock of the highest quality available.

Are you looking for a supplier of onions?

Would you like more information about the delivery of our onions? Then contact us. We are happy to help you and provide you with the possibilities. Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page or reach our mobile on: +31 (0) 187 68 31 37