Onion cultivation

Onions are one of the main specialities at Westhoeve Potatoes. On the other hand we specialize in the production of potatoes. Both potatoes and onions come from our own cultivation. We work together with local farmers to get the best fresh products. We find it important to inform you about the origin of the products you might purchase.

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How onions are grown

Different methods of cultivation can be used to succeed the growth of onions. One of the most used methods is to sow in spring. It takes about half a year for the onions to be full grown. At the end of summer, they are ready to be harvested.

Seed that’s been sown in August yields the so-called ‘winteronions.’ The tiny onion plants will survive the winter through protection from the grounds they’re sown in. Onions from winter aren’t that popular anymore. They tend to be more fragile and they do have more chance to collapse from flooding and other threatening factors during winter.

Onion cultivation

Dutch onion cultivation in figures

Approximately 2% of the Dutch agricultural land is used for the production of onions. Every year Dutch farmers grow around 12,000 hectare of onions with a yield of between 500,000 and 600,000 tons, depending on the amount of sown onions and the conditions of the field. Around 90% of Dutch onions gets exported all around the world.

40% of the Dutch onion production takes place in the large polders of the province of Flevoland. Other important cultivation areas in the Netherlands are Friesland, Noord-Holland and Zeeland. Westhoeve Potatoes is located in the center of this fertile area!

onion cultivation

Dutch onions in all sizes

Westhoeve Potatoes is a supplier of sorted onions. Directly suitable for consumption. We have onions in different sizes. You can order them in bulk, in big bags or smaller packages. Inform about the possibilities!

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