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Importing potatoes starts at Westhoeve Potatoes. We have been growing our own potatoes and working closely with local farmers for over 30 years. Want to import potatoes? Don't hesitate to contact us using the button below:

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The factors to remember when importing potatoes

Various factors should be taken into account when importing potatoes. Does the supplier provide the desired quality, quantity and delivery time? By making sure these and many other factors are accounted for, we are supplying the world with potatoes and onions for over 30 years. Quality and service guaranteed. Our long lasting partnerships with potato growers all over Europe provides you with the best potatoes, even when shortages arrive.

Potato import

Potatoes packed as desired

Certain requirements in regard to your potato packaging? Importing potatoes at Westhoeve means choosing your desired packaging. Opting for bigbags or small packages from 25 kg? Contact us and ask about the possibilities.

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