Dutch potato types

The Netherlands is a typical potato country and this is partly due to its favourable climate. The moderate sea climate ensures a fertile soil that is ideal for the potato plant. Due to the high level of knowledge and specialist skills of the growers, various Dutch potato varieties have been created that are world-famous.

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The Eigenheimer

The Netherlands are known for their many and varied potato varieties and one of these varieties is the Eigenheimer. It is a floury potato that is mainly used for cooking and mashing.


The Bintje potato is one of the most popular potato varieties for french fries. This potato variety contains a lot of starch, which makes the chips golden brown and crispy. They are large potatoes with a mild and creamy flavour. A great advantage is that this potato is available all year round.

Dutch potato types

The Agria potato

The Agria potato is a well-known potato variety that is especially popular in Europe. The potato is suitable for many applications, such as boiling, baking, frying, roasting and mashing. However, this potato is mainly used to make chips. This is mainly due to its long and oval shape.

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Dutch potato types