Dutch onion

The Dutch onion is on of the best onions in the world. This is not only due to the favorable climate for growing onions. The trade mentality, preservation methods and logistics of the onions has made the Netherlands a global player in the onion market. We as Westhoeve potatoes think it is of great importance to supply high-quality Dutch onions. 

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The quality of Dutch onions

The international onion market expects high quality standards of the onion. Therefore we are constantly working on meeting those high quality requirements. For example, our Dutch onions ar HACCP and GMP certified. These certificates are internationally recognized quality standards for nourishment. Moreover, we have thought carefully about how we have set up our logistics and storage methods. In this manner we are able to deliver onions consistently throughout the year. We also work closely with other Dutch growers. This allows us to always meet the demands of our customers. Even if the Dutch cultivation is not good enough, we have partners in neighboring countries who can deliver the onions.

The Dutch soil is perfect for an onion

The favorable sea climate is not the only advantage that makes the dutch onion so great. The Dutch soil contains mineral-rich sea clay, which results in an onion with excellent taste. There is also phosphate in the rich soil. That is exactly what an onion needs voor an optimal growth.

Westhoeve Potatoes

We have been a global player in the onion trade for over 30 years. Thanks to many years of regional farming knowledge, we have made Westhoeve Potatoes into an international player in the onion trade. Our onion trade is located in Ouddorp. This convenient location ensures that we can easily export our onions. Large ports such as Antwerp, Vlissingen and Rotterdam are easily accessible for us. 

We supply sorted onions that are immediately available for consumption. Our onions are delivered in bulk, big bags or in small packages of 10 to 25 kg. Would you like more information about our onions? Then contact us via our contact page.