Ware potatoes

Are you looking for high-quality ware potatoes? You've just found them.

Always fresh!

Westhoeve Potatoes is a reliable partner in the potato industry. We can supply fresh ware potatoes throughout the year, either free of soil, washed or brushed in almost every pack size. As we are located in the middle of the Delta Clay area the majority of our ware potatoes are supplied by local farmers. With very short lead times we can guarantee fresh ware potatoes.

Potato farming

Ready to eat

To guarantee the overall quality of ware potatoes there are some standards implemented to comply with. Westhoeve Potatoes is both HACCP and GMP certified. These are internationally recognized quality standards for the potatoes in our portfolio. We also comply with the NAO standard.


The NAO is an organization that represents the interests of the Dutch farmers and wholesalers of ware potatoes.

In short: all our ware potatoes are ready to eat and meet the highest quality standards.

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