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Westhoeve Potatoes is a potato wholesaler that delivers potatoes in bulk. To do this correctly and efficient, we work closely together with local potato growers to assure that we can deliver Dutch potatoes to our customers all around the world. Do you want to buy potatoes in bulk? Contact us for a free price quotation.

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Buy high-quality potatoes in bulk

For the delivery of potatoes in bulk, it is important that the potatoes are of excellent quality. Quality is therefore at the heart of our production chain at all times. It all starts with the potato harvest. If the harvest is disappointing, we take advantage of our broad network of local growers.

If the harvest is not good enough in the Netherlands, we have several partners in neighboring countries. In this way, we will always be able to deliver potatoes in bulk of the highest quality. This is not the only thing we do to assure or high-quality potatoes. As a potato wholesaler, we are also HACCP and GMP+ certified.

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What kind of potatoes in bulk do we sell?

There are many types of potatoes on the market, and we supply various kinds of potato types to our clients all over the world. For example, we deliver Maris Piper, Agria and Innovator potatoes. Would you like to know exactly which types of potatoes in bulk we can deliver to you? Then please contact us.

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How do the potatoes go from the field to our customers?

As soon as the fresh potatoes are harvested, the potatoes are sorted, packed and delivered to the customer. The potatoes are available in bulk, big bags and small packages of 10 kg to 25 kg. The potatoes that are transported within Europe are transported by trucks. The rest of the potatoes that go abroad are mainly transported by boat.

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About Westhoeve Potatoes

Westhoeve Potatoes has been delivering potatoes in bulk for over 30 years from a small village in the south of the Netherlands. We possess a lot of local farming knowledge that is important for the quality of our services and products. This applies to our potatoes, but also to the export of our onions. Do you want to buy potatoes in bulk from Westhoeve Potatoes? Feel free to contact us!

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