Asterix potatoes from Westhoeve Potatoes

Westhoeve potatoes is a reliable supplier of various sorts of potatoes, including the Asterix potato. With over 30 years of experience as a wholesaler, we now have a large network of suppliers and a wide range of potatoes. Quality is at all times prioritized at Westhoeve potatoes. We deliver our potatoes in Europe, South-America, Africa and the Middle East. Do you want to know about all the possibilities? Feel free to contact us.

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The quality of Asterix potatoes

Asterix potatoes are oval shaped with a red, robust peel. When cutting the potato, you’ll find a light yellow color of flesh. It’s the perfect potato to use for fresh fries, due to the reasonable firmness. They can also be cooked, baked or used for mashed potatoes. Furthermore, the Asterix potato has a mid-late ripening time and a very high yield. Thanks to our various quality marks, you are always assured of the best quality, regardless of the type of potato.

Asterix potatoes

The benefits of choosing for Westhoeve potatoes

Westhoeve buys potatoes from farmers in the area. We can deliver all different types and sizes year round. Westhoeve also supplies Bintje, Fontane and Maris Piper potatoes, for example. With our GMP + and HACCP quality marks, you are always assured of the best quality, regardless of the type of potato.

Delivery Asterix potato

You can choose between different packaging methods, such as bulk, bigbags or small packages of 25 kg. We supply all types of potatoes all over the world. With our network we can assure fast delivery of the Asterix potatoes. Due to the dense skin of the Asterix potato, they won’t damage during transport.

Asterix potatoes

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