Wholsesale potatoes

Potatoes come in different shapes and sizes and are used in various recipes all over the world. Potatoes are part of a staple diet and the basis of many meals, boiled, baked, mashed or fried being most popular methods of cooking them. The quality of the potato is of the upmost importance and determines it’s taste but where do these wholesale potatoes come from? Westhoeve Potatoes is a Dutch wholesaler who buys it’s potatoes directly from local farmers and delivers these to various suppliers and end users.

Quality First

The quality and freshness of our wholesale potatoes, also know as ware potatoes, is always the most important core value for us in our production chain. Westhoeve Potatoes has a major role in this production chain as the quality of the potato yield determines the quality of our wholesale potatoes. From this point of view Westhoeve Potatoes has in place a wide network of local farmers. Should the quality of the local potato yield fall below our standards, this is no problem for us as we can source wholesale potatoes from neighbouring countries. This enables us to ensure high quality potatoes are available to us on a daily basis, for export as well for import. 

From cultivation to customer

After harvesting the wholesale potatoes (yellow and red potatoes) these are sorted, packed and delivered to our customers. Westhoeve Potatoes is handling each step of this process, everything is done internally. We can therefore offer our wholesales potatoes in bulk, big bags and small packages minimum weight being 10 kgs. We have a lot of experience in shipping containers from the Netherlands to West Africa, South America and the Caribbean. We can also offer services by road to all European destinations. We fit our logistic solutions to our customer needs and requirements.

More information

If you would like to receive more information about our wholesale potatoes or Westhoeve potatoes in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.